Work Backwards from the Life You Want

One of the simplest ways to think about this is to plan a garden. The goal is to grow your own food. First you must find a plot of land in order to plant some plants. The amount of food you can grow will depend on the amount of land you have. Then you plan what you will grow where. Next you plant some seeds where you have planned. With good soil, water, and sunshine the seeds will sprout and grow. You protect the plants from pests and bad weather. Eventually the seeds become food and you can harvest what you have grown.

Working backwards from the life you want is similar to that. Determine how far ahead you are planning. Let’s say it’s four years because that’s how long it will probably take you get your license as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Determine where you plant your garden. Will you go back to your hometown? Will you start somewhere new? One you have a location you are ready to work backwards. Planning out each element.

Family/Friends: how much time do you spend with family and friends, what do you like to do with your loved ones, how many friends do you have, what is the quality of those relationships, etc

Work/Career: how many hours will you work, how much money will you make, who will you be working with, what are your roles, what do you love most about your job, what affirmations do you receive from others, etc.

Finances/Money: how much money are you making a month, how fast is that money growing, what are you investing your money in, etc.

Health/Fitness: how often do you do activities that promote health, how much time do you spend a day or week on fitness, what is the quality of your health, etc.

Free Time:  how do you spend your free time, how much free time do you have, what type of vacations do you take, etc.

The reason that the garden analogy is good is because you have limited space in a garden. You can’t do everything. You must be realistic. Keep this in mind when you are working backwards.

Then start to plant seeds today that lead you towards what you have outlined for yourself in each category. Water the seeds every day. Protect them from pests. Keep monitoring that you are on track and eventually you will arrive where you have something to harvest.