Developing a Learning Style

I will cover this in depth in the next book, but for now it is important to answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible so that you have a baseline by which to compare your results with your new mindset.

How do I prepare for exams?

What extracurricular opportunities can I be a part of, and how do I choose them?

How do I keep my mood upbeat and my intellect stimulated?

How do I balance a vibrant social life with an ambitious schedule?

How do I get along with my teachers?

How do I craft my pursuits to fit my abilities, interests, and passions?

This is not meant as a list to determine what you can do differently, but instead it is meant to calculate where you are. Everyone’s learning style is unique and has been crafted over the last decades of their lives so it will not respond well to drastic shifts. You will want to focus on what is working and start to refine your understanding of where you can improve. Knowing your learning style is the first step in determining how it can be improved.