Balance Your Back

Balance Your Back Online Course

For the first time ever, get a behind the scenes look at the secret strategies I’ve been using to quietly help back pain patients – for years. 

Like the strategy I used with Bob, who had back pain for five years and started getting relief in less than a week.

I used this same strategy with Jane, whose back never recovered from pregnancy and after three years she is still pain free.

And, Ray, a student athlete who thought he may have to stop playing Basketball before we were able to get him back on track in less than five days. 

Over the last 6 years I have used this playbook to help thousands of people.

I’ve used it to help teenagers, adults, older adults, and everyone in between. 

I’ve used it to help women, men, transgendered, and non-binary individuals.

And not only has this playbook helped countless people, it’s done it relatively fast and without a lot of extra cost.

Best of all, you can work with me as I use this playbook to help you. 

Today, I want to show you exactly how I do it.


If you have been choosing programs based on webinars, affiliates, Facebook ads, or other gimmicks it’s time that you choose a program that is based on results, not marketing.

Your program will have videos of exercises you’ve never tried before and it will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of back pain care. We will zoom in on exactly what you need in overcome your biggest challenges:

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you know this will work?
  • How do you get results fast?
  • How do you know if this will work?

We captured our entire process.

Looking back, I have no idea how we managed to help anyone before we created this playbook – it was like reinventing the wheel every time we helped a patient. 

I knew that my first treatments were less than helpful. 

I didn’t know enough. I didn’t know how to really help someone. Every time I would treat someone it felt like a bad rip off of all the experts I’d studied with. After spending countless hours studying, I didn’t feel any closure to understanding what to do. It was bad. 

All I knew is that I was new to treating back pain and so I expected my treatments to be less than good. What I didn’t expect was that most people had similar experiences with other health professionals they had tried. It seemed like no one really knew what they were doing. Looking back, now I understand my two biggest problems.

  1. I didn’t understand the basics: how-to” of helping people with back pain. What are the most important elements? How many treatments do I need? What if the first treatment doesn’t help? Having a proven framework for the basics would have saved me countless hours. Instead, I was winging it. And patients were used to people winging it, but I wasn’t satisfied.
  2. I was treating on my heels. That means I was leading with all the things I was afraid of – that it wouldn’t work, that it might make things worse, that it wasn’t right for someone – instead of finding a customized system that would work for them. I was worrying about what could go wrong instead of focusing on what I could do for the people who cared.

I didn’t realize it back then, but people can sense when you’re afraid to try something new. I realized it was more about finding the right people, the people that could benefit from the Balance Your Back program. 

Times have changed.

Now when I sign someone up for an online program, I know exactly what I am going to do. I know about the format. I know what has worked in the past with similar types of people. I don’t have to worry about where to start or whether the program is going to work. 

We start and if we get stuck, we have an amazing support team that can jump in and figure out why. Now that we have seen thousands of people through this process, we have a system, a flowchart, and an algorithm for figuring out what to do.

I spend my time on the most important part of the program. I used to think that every part of the programming was equally important, but now that I customize the approach, I can spend my time where it really matters. 

Finally, I know when we are on the right track. It’s tempting to tinker with a program forever, but once we start getting results, we stick to the plan. 

The biggest change is that through the initial assessment we can determine who we can help. Our process bakes solutions to their common challenges into the process. 

Then people can start to get their lives back. 

They can

  • Go back to work that they love
  • Go see a movie and stop worrying about their pain
  • Most importantly, they don’t feel the overwhelming stress of wondering if their back is going to be okay. They start to feel confident again.
  • Sleep more soundly
  • Get their social life back

How do you learn the balanced back approach?

We have been in the healing arts for 19+ years. During that time, I have been working with thousands of people. And for every patient I’ve treated, there are two or three that I have improved after the fact. We have extremely high standards. 

That’s more than 19 years of trial and error to figure out what matters and what doesn’t. This is learning the hard way. I don’t advise it. Many people try and learn a strategy that will work by:

  • Finding videos online
  • Seeing a professional with lots of Yelp reviews
  • Asking all their friends who have had similar problems

And then they’re surprised when it doesn’t work out. A bad approach will get you bad results.

What I did differently, is I studied the books, the research, and took all the seminars from the best in the field, DO’s, MD’s, PT’s, CMT’s, DC’s. It doesn’t matter what their title is. I read every book I could on back care. When I found a promising approach, I’d test it and keep the winners as part of my playbook. The biggest problem with this approach is that it took years.