We offer cutting edge, mind/body solutions for spine and joint pain. We are experts—chiropractic doctors, functional movement specialists, personal trainers, and athletes—whose goal it is to help you move smarter, better, and pain-free.

We Can Help. Your pain doesn’t tell the whole story. We can figure out why the pain started. We can figure out what aspects of your everyday life: your environment, nutrition, exercise routine, and posture need to be changed. We don’t treat symptoms, we work with people. You are an individual and what works for you doesn’t work for everyone. By having a personalized approach we go above and beyond for you.

Team Approach. We recognize that healing takes a team. This means that you will work with and be supported by many approaches and practitioners until we get a full resolution of your symptoms. We combine our extensive knowledge, techniques, and styles to ensure your best treatment plan. We all work together to ensure that you are continuing to progress. It’s a collaborative approach and it’s the most effective way to get you back to the things you love.

We Know Our Stuff. Most people don’t have a crazy injury story. Most people don’t even know why they are in pain or what happened. And sometimes they’ve gone to other clinics and haven’t found the answers. We pledge to figure it out for you and design a path forward. We will spend the necessary time to recreate the scenario in our office (jogging, lifting, posture, etc.) or do whatever it takes to figure it out.  

We Are Teachers. It’s not what you remember from today, it’s what you remember ten years from now. We wan’t to give you the knowledge and tools to take care of yourself. We want to be a vital part of your team so that you can reach your highest physical potential. We love learning from the best and then giving you the resources that we have learned so that you can recover faster, improve your performance, and prevent injuries. Let us help you live a lifetime of health and wellness.

Dr. Noah Volz , DC

Curriculum Vitae

Education Doctor of Chiropractic (2018) – Life West Chiropractic College – Hayward, CA USA Massage Therapist Certification (2008) – Ashland Institute of Massage – Ashland, OR USA Yoga Instructor Training Certification (2007) – Eugene School of Yoga – Eugene, OR USA Ayurveda Internship (2006) – Active Life Acupuncture and Physical Therapy – Eugene OR Clinical Ayurveda Internship (2005) – California College of Ayurveda – Nevada City, CA American Vedic Institute (2004) – Ayurvedic Health Counselor – Sante Fe, NM USA Yoga Teacher Certification (2002) – Cintra Brown Yoga – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (2002) – Fort Lewis College – Durango, CO USA Undergraduate Student (2000) – Southern Denmark School of Business – Esbjerg, Denmark Certifications Active Release Technique Spine and Lower Extremity Certification Selective Function Movement Assessment 1 Certification Neuro-Kinetic Therapy Level 1 Certification Teaching Engagements Pancha Karma Technician at Ashland Ayurveda Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training Teacher at Yoga Durango Yoga and Anatomy Teacher Training Teacher at Om Sweet Om Yoga Studio Ayurveda 101 Teacher at Banyan Botanicals Ayurvedic Spa training at Waterstone Spa Ayurvedic Massage training at Ashland Institute of Massage Ayurvedic Cooking Class at Namaste Health Center in Durango, CO Ayurvedic Cooking Class at Ashland Food Co-op Continuing Education 2202- Onbase University Online 2020- Raquetfit, Las Vegas 2019- Parker Seminars- Las Vegas 2019- Active Release Technique LE 1- Hayward 2018-Selective Function Movement Assessment-San Francisco 2018-American Chiropractic Association Sports Council Sports Symposium 2018-Active Release Technique Spine 1-San Francisco 2018-Forward Thinking Chiropractic Association Conference-St. Louis, Missouri 2018-Neuro-Kinetic Therapy Level 1, Cleveland, OH 2018-Global Rehab and Injury Prevention (GRIP) Lower Extremity-San Jose 2018-International Association of Functional Neurology Conference, Las Vegas 2017-Got Documentation with Dr. Gregg Friedman-Oakland 2017-ChiroFitness Cervical and Pelvis Adjusting-Oakland 2017-Mastering Brain Chemistry-San Francisco 2016-Mastering Blood Chemistry-Berkeley