Selective Functional Movement Assessment

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Learn how SFMA can help your athletes prevent injury and improve performance with functional movement.


Functional Movement Systems have developed a screening that can be used to help athlete’s determine how their movement is being used for their sport.

If you play soccer, football, golf, pickleball, or any sport than this movement assessment can be used to determine how you move. If you move well then there is nothing to worry about, you are unlikely to have an injury and you will quickly learn from the coaching that you receive. If you have an issue with stability, mobility, or motor control then we can identify those problems and determine how to fix those problems.

Sometimes the fix involves rehab or mobilization. Other times your coach can use that information to guide you towards improved performance. The beauty of the SFMA assessment is that it uses repeatable algorithm in order to determine what the problem is that you need to focus on. It’s a powerful tool for performance.

In this class I introduce the SFMA analysis. I show you why I use this assessment tool for athletes and individuals that I work with. You will be introduced to the seven primary movements that I assess and the clinical decision making tool that I use in order to determine what the highest priority is. Once the priorities have been identified I do a deeper assessment to determine the specifics of the dysfunction and find out if it’s a stability, mobility, or motor control issue.

This class is meant to introduce you to SFMA and help you understand how movement screening can be used by coaches and their athletes to prevent injuries and improve performance. If you are interested in exploring these tools then sign up for this class.