Heal Bicep Tendinopathy Naturally

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Biceps tendinopathy describes damage to the long head of the bicep tendon. This can be due to painful inflammation or degeneration. The term “tendinopathy” just states that there is something wrong with the tendon and not the cause. 

Chronic overloading of the tendon can cause microscopic tearing which fails to heal and eventually leads to degenerative changes. These degenerative changes include fibrosis after a few months.

The long head travels through the bicipital groove between the greater and lesser tubercles of the humerus. It is held in place by the transverse humeral ligament. Then the tendon goes across the head of the arm bone and between the supraspinatus above and subscapularis below. It then attaches on the supraglenoid tubercle of the scapula and the superior glenoid labrum deep within the shoulder socket. As you can imagine this makes the long head of the bicep more vulnerable to injury. The degenerative changes are most often found just inside where the transverse humeral ligament holds the bicep in place. In 5% of cases the bicep tendon is aggravated within the intertubercular groove. 

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Bicep Tendinopathy Anatomy and Movement
You will learn the foundational information you need to know in order to understand bicep tendinopathy.

  • Bicep Tendinopathy Introduction
  • Bicep Tendinopathy Anatomy
  • Bicep Tendinopathy Movement

Bicep Tendinopathy Treatment