The Adventure Begins!

You already know that career success starts long before the actual career itself―but how can you cultivate that success to be most effective while getting your degree or certification?

Moreover, how can you still enjoy the college life while avoiding the burnout that catches so many “good” students off guard?

Most importantly, how can you become a chiropractic hero and help your future patients with actions you take now?

All excellent questions, and Noah Volz, DC, is here to answer them. In the first book of his new series, The Master Student, Book 1: Mindset – The Ultimate Guide to Success, Enjoyment and Productivity as a Chiropractic College Student, he tackles these questions―and more! Born from his own experience and hundreds of interviews with successful chiropractors around the world, he imparts the wisdom of the ages in one compact, resource-rich bundle.

Inside this first book of the series, you’ll learn:

  • Why being impressive is more than just a shallow hope, and what it means for your career.
  • How you can avoid setbacks and learn to persevere.
  • The secret behind NOT quitting before you start.
  • The tricks many people use to work smarter and outcompete their classmates in less time.
  • How to avoid sabotaging yourself without meaning to.
  • The best time management tips used by the pros.
  • Why time off is important, and how to take it responsibly.
  • What life after chiropractic school will look like, and how to prepare effectively.
  • How to become a chiropractic hero!

If you’re looking to live your best life as a chiropractor, it’s time to start now and become a master chiropractic student. With just a few simple mindset shifts, you can prioritize success, enjoyment and productivity in your work and life―even if you’re not naturally the most impressive person in the room.

As Dr. Volz explains in his book, “I am not your typical chiropractor. I am not an accomplished athlete. I don’t exude charisma. I am not the most handsome guy in the room.” He does well for himself because he knows the right tips and tricks to ace chiropractic school, and now he wants to share them with you!

Writing with originality, generosity, compassion and purpose, Dr. Noah Volz imparts valuable lessons in an entertaining, engaging and snappy way―backed by a wealth of experience. As an author, chiropractor, and entrepreneur, he has started and run multiple companies and has been the host of the DC2Be Revolution YouTube channel and podcast.

Are You “C”-ing Your Way Through Chiropractic School? What if You Could Graduate with Honors?

Better yet, what if you could graduate with honors while living your college years to the fullest?
If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t know a lot about learning―how people learn, the mechanics of learning, and how to learn most effectively. That’s why Dr. Noah Volz set out to research the topic. After returning to college for his post-grad studies nearly twenty years after his undergrad, he realized how much the classroom had changed with the advent of the Internet.
Dr. Volz wasn’t satisfied to just chalk up his difficulties to his age. He just needed to implement strategies to make the most of what he was being taught. Through his research, which included surveying successful colleagues, Dr. Volz identified eight science-backed tactics to help level-up the learning experience and take any student to the top of the class.
In his second book in The Master Student series, you’ll learn:

  • How you can apply the latest research about learning
  • The key methods for optimizing the learning process
  • How to debunk popular learning myths and pinpoint alternatives that work
  • The secret techniques for acquiring new skills, faster
  • Methods to improve your memorization of anatomy
  • Tactics for reducing by half the time it takes to learn something (and retain it!)
  • How to train your brain for long-term focus

This step-by-step guide will help you live your best life as a student and set you up for lifelong success.
This book is for people who have trouble learning and are afraid they may not be able to finish school. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to be successful. By using these strategies and tactics, you will get better grades and learn faster without sacrificing all the Friday night fun.
Writing with originality and purpose, Dr. Noah Volz imparts valuable lessons in an entertaining and engaging way. As an author, chiropractor, and educator, he has been helping others live their best life since 2002. You can learn more about him at

Are you ready to stop being just an average college student, or worse, below average?

To master your learning skills, pick up your copy of Dr. Volz’s book today